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How It Works



  • DOWNLOADS PODCASTS - You tap a podcast and AdSkipPro downloads it.

  • FINDS THE ADS - After downloading, AdSkipPro automatically finds the ads. This takes 1 or 2 minutes, depending on your device and the length of the podcast. It can even download and find ads while you're listening to another podcast, so you never have to wait.

  • PLAYS THE PODCASTS - AdSkipPro plays the podcasts, just like every other podcast app.

  • SKIPS OVER THE ADS - When AdSkipPro gets to the ads that were found above, it skips over and keeps on playing. The ads are still in there, and in fact you can go back and hear them if you like.

    This example shows AdSkipPro jumping from 23:49 to 25:09, past several ads:


Podcasts It Supports



AdSkipPro works with the podcasts shown below. More will be added over time.

   99% Invisible


   Dr. Death

   Freakonomics Radio


   How I Built This



   Reply All


   TED Radio Hour

   Terrible, Thanks For Asking

   This American Life

   Without Fail


It's Version 1.0



It's our first version, a simple app to prove the technology works. It downloads, plays, and skips the ads. We're already working on the next round of features and also a version for Android.


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